Underwater massage

Underwater massage

Shower-massage begins with immersion in a special bath. Warm water dilates blood vessels, lowers blood pressure, accelerates blood circulation, increases the flow of oxygen and endorphins, relaxes tired muscles. Using a special technique, the therapist massages the neck, back, legs, paying special attention to belly, buttocks and breeches. Deep impact-pressure of air-water jet increases the effectiveness of the massage.

During the underwater shower-massage, metabolic processes are activated, the balance of water in tissues is restored, fats are split and released. The body takes a beautiful shape, increases muscle tone, improves the color and structure of the skin. The inhabitants of the metropolis will appreciate not only the aesthetic benefits of the procedure, but also health effect which removes pain in the back and return healthy sleep.

Complete underwater shower-massage is recommended by the peeling: the skin easily gets rid of the old particles.

Duration – 30 minutes. Price – 7 000 rubles.

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